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Canine Preventive Care

Wellness exams are an important step in providing optimal care for your dog. At Easton Veterinary Clinic and Rehabilitation Center, we recommend annual exams for younger patients (6 years and under) and six-month exams for senior pets.

Routine visits include:

• Necessary Vaccines
• Fecal-Parasite Prevention and Education
• Orthopedic Evaluation
• Full Exam including Dental Care Recommendations
• Diet and Nutritional Evaluation
• Building a Plan for Optimal Care

Preventative Medicine

In veterinarian medicine, taking steps to prevent disease and other problems are very important. Our pets cannot tell us if something is wrong. Your observations and input are very important. A big part of caring for your dog is working with your veterinarian.

You know your dog the best and when you work with our staff, we can make every day the best possible for your furry family member. If you notice any breaks in your dog's routine, or something that is just a little "off" with your dog, come in for a consultation to find out if there are real concerns.

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