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Easton Vet Clinic

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24/7 Emergency On-Call Veterinary Services

Pet Emergencies don’t always happen at a convenient time. In fact, they rarely do. If your pet is sick or injured outside of our normal office hours our 24/7 Emergency On-Call Veterinarian in Easton, MD has you covered. Call Easton Veterinary Clinic and Rehabilitation Center at (410) 822-2282. We provide full on-call emergency pet care services and are ready to help you and your pet for any emeregency that may arise.

We will always have a staff member available in case you have a serious emergency. We never like to think about it, but sometimes our pets need immediate medical attention. At Easton Veterinary Clinic, we offer compasssionate, affordable advanced emergency on-call veterinary services. If something unfortunate happens, you can call our doctor anytime; day or night.

Emergency phone: (410) 822-2282



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