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Pet Nutritionist in Easton MD

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone for the health and quality of life for your dog and cat. By providing a well-balanced diet for your pet throughout their life stages, you can add healthy and happy years to their life. Our pet nutritionists in Easton MD and staff have the ability to guide your choices for proper food and treat selection. Each animal is different, and so is their lifestyle. We believe your pet's diet should be tailored for age, activity level, and medical need.

Dog Food

Conditions which may benefit from dietary management include:

• Weigh Management
(both overweight and underweight)
• Kidney Disease
• Liver Disease
• Gastrointestinal Problems
• Heart Conditions
• Arthritic Conditions
• Urinary Disorders
(including bladder stones & crystals)
• Allergic Conditions
(food allergy and atopy)
• Senior Nutrient Requirements
• Diabetes

For more information or to schedule appointments with our pet nutritionist in Easton MD contact us today!