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Preventive Pet Care

Are you looking for a veterinarian clinic in Easton MD? Here at Easton Veterinary Clinic and Rehabilitation Center, we focus on preventive veterinary care to promote and improve overall health for your pet. At EVCRC routine check-ups allow our veterinarian to diagnose, treat and protect your pet from developing serious, costly and sometimes fatal diseases.

Cute Dog and Cat

Our veterinary clinic partners with our clients to make sure their pets receive proper preventive care through:

Comprehensive Exams
Puppy Care
Kitten Care
Feline Preventive Care
Canine Preventive Care
Senior Wellness
Dental Care
Routine Vaccinations
Parasite Control
Nutritional and Behavioral Counseling

Easton Veterinarian Care and Rehabilitation Center offers exceptional veterinary care and preventive care services. We can meet all your pet’s needs.

Keeping your pet healthy and happy is most important to us. From routine, to advanced optimal care, our veterinarian clinic in Easton, MD is proud to offer the best in veterinary medicine.

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