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Puppy Care in Easton MD

Puppies warm our hearts and add a new dimension to our lives.  At Easton Veterinary Clinic and Rehabilitation Center, our goal is to start your pet's life off with puppy care in Easton MD.  A full exam of your puppy by our veterinarian begins a life-long relationship of compassionate care.

When you get your puppy, bring him or her in for us to see, and we can talk about how to create the perfect environment in your home.  If you have questions on any issues from feeding to training, we can provide an answer. Our team will build a wellness plan to suit your pet's needs.

For more information on puppy care in Easton MD contact us today!


The First Visit Includes:

• Full Physical Exam
• Parasite Screening (Skin parasites, fecal parasites)
• Appropriate Vaccinations (based on previous vaccines and age)
• Recommendations on Creating a Good Environment
• Discussions Regarding Behavior and Training
• Reviewing Feeding Guidelines and Options
• Establishing a Pattern of Veterinary Care
        ...and Pet Insurance Options

The first steps we take in veterinary care move down a life-long path towards a great quality of life!

Contact us today to schedule your puppy's first visit!