Complete Pet Pharmacy in Easton, MD

Looking for a pet pharmacy in Easton, MD? In order to maximize convenience to our clients and safety for our patients, we offer the services of our well-stocked pet pharmacy. Our pet pharmacy in Easton, MD is one place where you can get all of the medications your pet needs. We offer guaranteed flea and tick medications and the nutritional supplements your pet needs.

We Know Your Pet

The best thing about our pharmacy is that we know you and your pet.  We know of potential drug interactions or sensitivities your pet may have.  Also, we are directly available to answer all of your questions.  Our products in our pet pharmacy in Easton, MD come straight from the manufacturer, unlike some other pharmacies.

Whether you need a monthly preventative or medication for a chronic condition, our pet pharmacy in Easton, MD has a wide selection from which to choose. We are also able to compound many medications into a liquid formula for easier administration.  Let us know if this is your preference.

*If you are seeking treatment for your pet, contact Easton Veterinary Clinic and Rehabilitation Center today at (410) 822-2282.