Emergency/Urgent Care Services

Pet Emergencies don’t always happen at a convenient time. In fact, they rarely do. If your pet is sick or injured, our team of compassionate doctors and staff have you covered. We provide a range of emergency pet care services and are ready to help you and your pet for any emergency that may arise.

At Easton Veterinary Clinic, we offer compassionate, affordable, advanced emergency veterinary services. If something unfortunate happens, we are here for you.

Same Day Emergency Services

If you need help during normal business hours, call Easton Veterinary Clinic and Rehabilitation Center at (410) 822-2282 as early as 7:00am and we will fit you in to one of our “same-day” urgent care appointments.

After-Hours Emergency Telehealth Services

Easton Veterinary Clinic is now offering after-hours Emergency Veterinary Triage for our clients by using video telemedicine serviced by licensed veterinarians serviced by VetTriage.

Our new partnership provides much needed peace-of-mind coverage with face-to-face medical guidance to find a course of action all within the comfort of your own home. VetTriage veterinarians provide the same level of quality care you currently receive and have come to expect from Easton Veterinary Clinic. VetTriage will assess your pet to determine if emergency medical attention is required. In the event you need immediate in-hospital assistance, VetTriage will help find your nearest 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital. If your pet does not need immediate attention, a VetTriage veterinarian will provide care and monitoring instructions for you to follow at home until you can follow up with us at 7:00am.

Vet Triage Emergency Appointment

Our top priority is to provide excellent care for your pets, even after business hours. Our partnership with VetTriage extends your care coverage. When you need help, we are there for you.