Pet Surgery

Providing optimal care and support for your pet includes pet surgery. In our efforts to be a comprehensive facility, we have taken strides to provide a wide range of surgical options for your pets. Our surgical team is well-trained with years of experience in pre-operative care, as well as, post-operative management. At Easton Veterinary Clinic we offer advanced laser, orthopedic and emergency surgeries.

If your pet is in need of pet surgery in Easton MD, our goal is to make the procedure smooth and stress-free for you and the patient. From the initial consultation, through the procedure, and, especially post-operative care, we will consult with you to make sure all of your questions are answered and that you have the knowledge you need.

Besides taking measures to limit surgical pain, and providing high quality compassionate care, our team is diligent with surgical preparation, monitoring, and surgical performance. We have modern monitoring equipment, use appropriate sedation medications, choose between the safest anesthetic agents, and operate in a safe, sterile surgical suite. All of our patients recover from surgery under the direct supervision of trained staff members.