Easton Veterinary Clinic is committed to offering the best possible care for your furry friend. We are extending our range of services to include telemedicine. Our goal is to have this telemedicine experience mirror the in-hospital experience, but at home.

To make a telemedicine appointment you may call the office at (410) 822-2282 or you may submit a request through the Pet Desk app (just let us know you are requesting telemedicine) – whatever works best for you!

How it Works

Upon scheduling, we will send you an email asking for you to confirm your appointment and requesting pertinent items. You may submit pictures or videos about your concerns or any specific problem areas (rashes, ear infections, videos of limping, etc.) by replying back to the email. At the scheduled appointment time, the consultation will be initiated with a customer service representative obtaining all information needed for the appointment. A technician will consult with you and discuss your concerns and observations regarding your pet. The doctor will review your case with the technician and review your pet’s relevant history before talking to you. Once the doctor has spoken to you and a diagnosis has been established, the doctor will go over a plan with you. If additional services are needed, we will discuss the plan with you and schedule necessary diagnostics or other procedures accordingly. If any prescriptions are needed, you may pick them up at the office or we can mail them to you.

Please note, telemedicine may only be conducted with clients who have an existing, current “veterinary-client-patient” relationship. Of course, If you have any questions, please contact the office.