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Easton Vet Clinic

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Grooming / Bathing Services

Our team offers a variety of grooming service to meet your pet's needs. Pamper your animal today with our complete grooming options.

Grooming Services / Spa Day

• Variety of Specialty Shampoos
• Dematting
• Variety of Medicated Shampoos & Baths
• Flea Bath
• Hydro-surge bathing system
• Toe Nail Trimming
• Teeth Brushing

Our pet spa is fully equipped for all breeds of dogs and cats. We use a Hydro-surge bathing system which thoroughly cleans and massages your pet. Easton Veterinary Clinic and Rehabilitation Center uses only the best shampoo and conditioners appropriate for your pet.

Soapy Puppy

For more information on our bathing services in Easton MD contact us today!