Doggie Day Care & Cat Boarding

Doggy Day Care Services

Easton Veterinary Clinic offers drop-off daycare anytime we are open. If you want your furry companion to just get some more outdoor playtime or exercise, or hang out with some other furry friends then our dog daycare service is just the thing. When you are gone for the day or running errands, we'll be here for you!

Come in for Doggy Day Care today! We have convenient hours for drop-off and pick-up 7 days a week.

We Care for Your Pets Day and Night!

We Care for Your Pets Day and Night!

Cat Boarding

Cats love attention, so let us provide it while you are away. We offer cat boarding for all lengths of stays in our private cat quarters. Our feline guests get to stay in the climate controlled area on special elevated beds offering multi-levels of resting options.

For the more spirited lodgers, they may partake in "Meowy" Hour, a special extra playtime. Of course, if your cat requires special medical attention or maintenance, our skilled medical staff will ensure your cat receives the quality care and attention at optimal levels. Call us and book your stay today; spaces are limited.