Pain Management

Dogs and cats experience pain just like people. Unlike humans, our pets do not always show their pain and they cannot tell you about it. We must take measures to be proactive to stop pain and work to alleviate pain when we do see it with pain management for your pet.

Our protocol for managing pain prior to surgeries and treatments include medications before, during and after the procedures. Effective pain management for your pet promotes healing, decreases stress, and allows for a speedier recovery.

When we confront chronic pain with pain management for pets, we employ strategies ranging from natural products to more medical and controlled medications. Also, our veterinarians use cool laser therapy, massage, and rehabilitation techniques to reduce pain to a minimum.

Pain does not have to be tolerated; it can be controlled through pain management for your pet. We will work with you to make your pet comfortable and happy. For more information on pain management for your pet contact us today!