Senior Pet Care in Easton, MD

Our pets are living longer today than ever before. Research tells us that the preventative medicine provided early in life makes a big difference to our pet’s longevity and quality of life in later years. As pets age, the need for senior pet care becomes even more important to identify and address any potential changes that may arise.

Many people see the changes in aging pets and attribute those changes to a dog or cat, “just getting old.” Fortunately, even if the changes are due to age, there is something we may be able to do to make things better. The aging animal has different needs and may require more, specialized attention than a younger animal. Important changes requiring medical attention may occur in a matter of months. At Easton Veterinary Clinic we can take care of all your pet’s needs.

Simple Changes May Indicate More Serious Problems

  • Increased or Decreased Water Consumption
  • Behavioral Changes (Cognition,Temperament, Affection, Disorientation, and Others)
  • Coughing or Increased Sounds Breathing
  • Changes in Energy Level
  • Decrease or Increase in Food Consumption
  • Mobility Issues (Arthitic, Slow to Get Up, Limping, Not Wanting to Play)
  • Restless Behavior
  • Not Sleeping Well, and Vocalizing

We recommend examining your senior pet every six months in order to identify and treat any underlying issues. Remember, dogs and cats age faster than we do; up to seven years to every one of ours. Let Easton Veterinary Clinic help you determine how we can best prevent problems before they arise and treat the ones we identify. We Care for Your Pets!