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Parasite Control and Prevention

The world can be a dangerous place for our pets. There are a multitude of parasites that even a house pet may encounter on a daily basis. Fortunately, modern veterinary medicine has developed excellent methods for parasitic prevention and control. Parasites may attack organs from the heart, intestines, liver, lungs, and skin, among others. Besides attacking organs, parasites carry disease, like Lyme disease, which can seriously harm your pet. Also, some parasites and their diseases may be transmitted to humans, and children are most susceptible.

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Some common parasites found in our region include:

• Heart-worms
• Fleas
• Ticks
• Lung-worms
• Roundworms
• Hookworms
• Whip-worms
• Tapeworms
• Lice
• Mange Mites
• Ear Mites
• and others...

At Easton Veterinary Clinic and Rehabilitation Center, we have many top quality, approved and guaranteed, products to prevent and combat these parasites. Our veterinarians will make the diagnosis and provide plans for prevention and treatment as needed to make sure your pet gets what he or she needs.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to speak about your pet's health and prevention tips.